7 Ways To Deal With Negative People & Protect Your Energy

Protect Your Energy therapy
Sometimes dealing with someone else’s negativity is more than a one-time instance. We all get overwhelmed from time to time, but there are people who can drain our energy when we’re around them because of their negativity.

Awareness helps in knowing how we feel in the moment and why.

But awareness without the courage to act is like having a nice car you can’t drive.

Remember-You can’t change people who don’t want to change.
The coach can’t want the player to win more than the player does!

      1. Empathize. But don’t say “cheer up” or “calm down” because telling people how to feel doesn’t actually change their feelings


      1. Don’t blame, assume or attack. Don’t pick a side, either side you pick will egg a negative person on


      1. Offer solution focused ideas but if they’re not received-respect their boundary and honor your own


      1. Create your own boundaries around negative people to protect your energy and be firm


      1. Protect your energy by reducing the amount of time you spend with negative people-this will help you remain calm in the time you do spend with them


      1. Reduce the frequency of interaction with them, the more we revisit something the more we reinforce


    1. Realize that some people are committed to being negative so stop trying to resolve their perceptions or change them


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