About Dr. Nore Salman

Dr. Norè Salman

After obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Dr. Salman earned a Masters then a Doctorate in Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.  She specialized in and completed Mastery for Coaches to align with her true passion of career and executive coaching. She is certified through LCTI (Life Coaching Training Institute) and is enrolled in and a member of the College of Executive Coaching.  An entrepreneur at heart, she works as a leadership coach helping high performing individuals and professionals discover, transform, manifest, and master their visions into achievement.  With an ideal background for career and leadership coaching, she guides success oriented individuals and organizations to identify problem areas and align with working strategies to increase goal achievement.

Her Calling

Dr. Salman found greater alignment in the “health-based model” of life coaching that focuses on supporting psychological and intuitive insight within individuals and organizations to increase communication, fulfillment, and performance. Dr. Salman’s “growth based model” rings true in her life and executive coaching style. In career and executive coaching, Dr. Salman utilizes her education and training in business and psychology to assist high performing individuals in fostering greater insight to be open to their innate wisdom and wealth abundance.

Coaching Strategies

Dr. Salman coaches with multiple strategies that successful business people use in “mindset” and “action”, effective in mastering fulfillment in professional goals. To maintain equilibrium, she offers relationship and clarity coaching for individuals and couples working on greater communication and stress management goals. To learn her strategies, you must first APPLY, answering three questions: your intentions for coaching, your goals, and your desired timeline so she can see if you’re a fit for her approach to consultation.