The Heart-Centered Leadership Institute

Dr. Salman

Works with executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs to develop their skills and bring purpose and intention back to their profession. Whether its transitioning to a new role, course-correcting, or building a new business, heart-centered leadership is about intentional development towards your goals and dreams.

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You’re in the right place. We specialize in working with individuals like you to rediscover passion, purpose, and potential in your career.
At The Heart-Centered Leadership Institute, we specialize in guiding executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders like you towards sharpening their skills for success and a fulfillment. We understand the challenges you face – the sense of pressure to manage a team, perform, the quest for balance to do it while having a family.

At the Heart - Centered Leadership Institute,

Our Transformational Approach is led by Dr. Salman to focus on

Self Mastery

Changing the narrative from limitations to possibilities. We help you become aware of your blocks and transform those mental blocks from limitations to opportunities, enabling you to see new solutions and potential in your professional career.

Strategic Career Planning

Crafting a roadmap tailored to your unique aspirations. Whether it's transitioning to a new role, scaling your business, or rejuvenating your current career. We can map out strategic planning that aligns your actions with your long-term goals to support you.

Effective Execution

Turning your dreams into impactful actions that provide you the results you want. We go beyond mere planning, we can support you in strategy, emotional intelligence, communication, and accountability to take concrete steps to actualize your career objectives and make tangible progress.

Accountability Coaching

Keeping your goals on track and stay focused. Our 90 minutes bi-weekly accountability coaching ensures that you remain committed to your goals, providing consistent support and accountability along the way.

Dr. Nore Salman is a doctor of psychology and executive coach who understands the challenges of past experiences and their impact. Many of us are held back by trauma or skillset limitations that turn into mental blocks, if unmonitored can prevent us from fully realizing our potential and leading fulfilling lives.
Dr. Salman invites you to transition from dwelling on your past to actively shaping your future. This transformation involves embracing self-discovery, self-mastery, prioritizing self-care, and unleashing your inherent strengths to manifest your desired life.

Transformative Client Stories:

Beyond Success

Start Your

Transformational Coaching

Ready to embrace change and step into your true potential? Let’s begin this journey together. Discover how our life coaching can transform your professional life and lead you to a place of fulfillment and success.


We have a 60-90 minutes consultation. Align to set clear and result focused goals for the individual and company with your coach.

Coaching Assessment

The coach leverages the first 1-3 sessions to get to know the client and evaluate the executive’s current skills and offers insight into potential areas of growth. This forms the basis for the growth plan. The more honest & forthcoming the executive is, the better coaching results in areas of development.


With a personalized development plan in place that coach supports the executive in working on their plan through one-on-one biweekly calls. We will revisit challenges, recognize patterns, focus on improvements, and walk away with targeted action items.


Before the coaching engagement ends, both parties participate in a review to measure progress made. This critical meeting allows for reflection and additional steps required to set the stage for lasting impact and future goals. While some clients achieve their goals and end coaching, most clients enjoy the consistent support of coaching and continue developing their skills or set new goals. Self development does not end for the ever evolving executive.

Ready to embrace change and step into your true potential? Let’s begin this journey together.

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