Fundamentally, success is a matter of mindset. If you’re a high-achiever, seeking further success in your business endeavors, then it’s vital to develop a mindset that lets you unlock your full potential. It’s common for driven professionals to encounter challenges on their path to success. Questions about direction, boundaries, balance, and leadership can hold you back. To move forward, these questions must be addressed.

Million-Dollar Business Self-Mastery is the key to unlocking the mindset, strategy, and execution needed to propel your business to seven figures in under a year.

Picture yourself confidently leading your team as you attract clients with ease and command the respect your talent deserves. With Million-Dollar Business Self Mastery, this vision becomes reality.

– Gain clarity about your goals and vision
– Achieve a harmonious work/life balance
– Cultivate strong, meaningful relationships
– Command higher prices with confidence
– Align business growth with your values


80 pages

of expertly curated guidance

7 modules

covering essential topics like boundaries mindset and leadership

33interactive lessons

with actionable insights and case studies

Engineering activities, action plans and knowledge test to reinforce your learning

Professionally designed with beautiful photography for an immersive experience


Dr. Nore Salman, founder of The Heart Centered Leadership Institute and a recognized expert in mindset coaching, brings over two decades of experience to the table. Her award-winning insights and proven strategies have helped countless entrepreneurs break through barriers and achieve unprecedented success.

This market-leading webinar introduces you to the groundbreaking approach presented in Million-Dollar Business Self-Mastery. Led by Dr. Salman, this webinar offers a glimpse into the world of mindset coaching and personal development, providing insights that can launch your business to new heights.

Ready to embrace change and step into your true potential? Let’s begin this journey together.

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