Create a brand that embodies authenticity and purpose.

Develop your mission so it is known for its integrity and alignment with your values. 

Build your business to stand the test of time, leaving a meaningful legacy.

Online, Group Coaching Program

The Blueprint of Brand Integrity

Led by Dr. Nore Salman of The Heart Centered Leadership Institute.

In a world of noise, building a brand that truly reflects your values and purpose is challenging.

Follow this program for a step-by-step guide on establishing a brand that connects with your target audience and nurtures lasting relationships. 

Is this program for you?

  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to rebuild your brand by incorporating authenticity and purpose-driven values?

  • Are you a CEO, manager, or leader who wants to expand your organization through leadership and a mission that aligns with purpose?

  • Are you a content creator looking to align your values with your brand and make a more meaningful impact?

  • Are you an individual who simply aspires to make a difference in your community and/or industry?

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, or have years of experience, this program equips you with the tools and guidance to develop a standout brand that embodies authenticity and a purposeful approach. 


The Blueprint of Brand Integrity: What to Expect

Expect to gain a new perspective in approaching brand integrity and leading with purpose. With a newfound understanding of your mission and values, you will have the tools to navigate challenges while staying true to the heart of your brand.

Throughout each module, you will learn to build your brand so that it resonates with your audience and fosters customer loyalty and lasting relationships. 

Module 1: Clarity of Mission
Develop an understanding of the driving force and purpose behind your mission. Learn how to navigate challenges with a sense of direction and alignment ensuring that you remain focused on serving both your team and your customers.

Module 2: Values
Recognize the roles that values play in shaping your brand. Incorporate your core values and create genuine connections with your audience. Base your decisions on these values to maintain a meaningful brand presence.

Module 3: Embodiment or Consistency
Explore practices including meditation and team retreats in order to nurture your nervous system, ensuring that your brand remains authentically represented.

Module 4: Creativity & Evolution
Uncover the connection between creativity and growth. Embrace meditation techniques to rewire your brain and develop new skills. Unlock new potential for expression allowing your brand to grow through creativity and innovation.

Module 5: Legacy & Purpose
Build a legacy that aligns with your purpose. Understand the significance of sharing the impact of your brand with your customers, team members, and those closest to you. Define the legacy you want to leave and communicate it authentically.

Module 6: Integrity & Mindful Living
Embrace your core values. Let them guide your decisions ensuring they align with who you are. Develop consistent habits that help you stay grounded and dedicated to your goals.

Module 7: Continued Education & Resource Explanation
Continue your journey after completing this program. Recognize the importance of learning and learn more about the provided resources including books, podcasts, and community to further enhance the credibility of your brand.


Behind the Blueprint: Meet Dr. Nore Salman

Dr. Nore Salman is a high-performance coach with more than 10 years of experience in organizational psychology.

Through her coaching methodology, firmly rooted in psychology principles, she empowers individuals to make positive transformations in both their personal and professional lives. Possessing degrees in Business Administration and Psychology, as well as being certified by the Life Coaching Training Institute, Dr. Salman truly shines as an authentic leader.

Why Choose Dr. Nore Salman?

Dr. Salman’s expertise truly aligns with the program. Her dynamic approach assists entrepreneurs in navigating the aspects of purpose, values, and authenticity. With an understanding of human behavior and a strong commitment to creating lasting change, Dr. Salman serves as the catalyst for transforming your brand into a powerful force, for positive impact. 

Your Brand’s Blueprint: What Will You Gain?

Equip yourself with the tools, skills, and insights to shape your approach to branding and leadership for a lifetime. 

Define Your Mission: Develop an understanding of your mission and learn to effectively navigate your brand even in challenging circumstances.

Discover Your Unique Value: Discover the qualities that make you stand out and learn how to leverage them both, in your presence and projects. 

Root Your Brand in Values: Identify your core values that deeply resonate with your brand. Learn to integrate these values to establish a true connection with your audience. 

Establish Consistency: Embrace practices that embody consistency ensuring that your brand always remains a representation of your mission and values.

Unlock Creative Growth: Explore the potential of creativity as a means for personal growth. Utilize meditation techniques to rewire your mind fostering the development of skills.

Shape Your Legacy: Understand the significance of purpose and legacy enabling you to share the impact of your brand with clients, colleagues, and those who are important to you.