Our Coaching Sessions

What Happens in Our Coaching Sessions

In coaching sessions, you will examine your mindset and learn about which thought patterns serve you and which don’t and learn to let go of what doesn’t serve you. We will look at some struggles/misunderstandings you may have about yourself or others, your ability to make bold choices in life, and learn to follow through by trusting yourself completely to do so.

In leadership coaching, we will work on self-confidence and perceived “mental blocks”. We will explore “obstacles” you have identified that keep you “stuck” and perceive yourself as unable to move past. If you don’t know what those blocks are, we pursue “clarity coaching” in which you will identify your blocks are learn how to move past them.

What Is Executive or Life Coaching?

Most successful people have coaches. Our work starts with exploring two factors, one your goals, and two, what makes you truly happy and fulfilled in both your personal and/or professional life. Life coaching is not about dealing with the past, but rather about bridging the gap of where you currently are and where you’d like to be in your “ideal/future self.” We (you and I) develop and implement a practical plan to get you there.

The role of a life coach and an executive coach is to provide you with tools to achieve your goals; be it in being more creative or insightful to achieve the vision you have for yourself (while keeping you accountable). Dr. Salman’s coaching is collaborate in reaching your personal and professional goals through psychological insight, improved communication, and conscious reflection on what you value and goals.