How Mismanagement Costs More Than You Think

Is mismanagement causing you to lose your best talent? Discover the unseen costs and how to reverse the tide.

Discover the path to building a thriving team through alignment, compassionate leadership, and strategic decision-making.

Dive deep into the methods that foster growth, unlock potential, and shape high-performing individuals in the workplace. Navigate the intricacies of aligning values, fostering neuroplasticity, and encouraging an attitude of creation over mere survival.

Developing Employees Through Coaching

From cultivating a strong team culture to making impactful decisions that drive growth and innovation, explore the journey to heart-centered leadership.

Masterclass & Workbook: $197

Hosted by Dr. Nore Salman of the Heart Centered Learning Institute

Empowering Insights: Elevating Your Team

Why Coaching Is An Investment Not An Expense

It’s essential to recognize the hidden costs of maintaining the status quo. Staying the same, in a rapidly evolving business landscape, is synonymous with stagnation. It means missed opportunities, unexplored talents, and potential growth left on the table. 

Don’t let mismanagement drain your resources. Learn how to lead with alignment and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.


  • Equip your team with the skills and motivation they need, establishing a workplace that celebrates diversity and grows with collaboration.
  • Invest in employee development in order to drive business growth and decrease turnover.
  • Cultivate a cohesive team culture that focuses on both personal and professional relationships.
  • Build interpersonal skills for effective communication and decision-making.


By investing in coaching and championing diversity, businesses can gain valuable insights into their workforce. Understanding who is on your team, their motivations, creative backgrounds, and mindsets not only enriches the workplace but also unlocks untapped potential. In the long run, this proactive approach ensures that you’re not just keeping pace, but setting the pace, leading with innovation, understanding, and adaptability.

Why This Training Is For You

If you aspire to:

  • Develop high-performing, proactive team members..
  • Recognize the consequences of mismanagement and high turnover rates.
  • Dive deep into concepts such as neuroplasticity and the crucial difference between passion and purpose.
  • Equip yourself with tools and resources to further personal growth and professional development.

Understand the concept of coaching, and how it can help your organization and the employees within with growth, better performance, and gaining clarity, confidence, communication, and more.

2.19.19 FAQ

A Look Inside the Masterclass:

  • Defining Coaching: Understand how coaching promotes personal and organizational growth.
  • The Importance of Coaching: Discover its role in nurturing individual skills aligned with personal visions. 
  • Leadership & Belief Blocks: Learn how positive beliefs drive growth and success. 
  • Managing Performance: Learn strategies to manage underperforming employees without demoralizing them.
  • Vulnerability & Courage: Delve into the strength of vulnerability, and learning from feedback. 
  • Values vs. Morality: Differentiate between what’s right and wrong and what truly matters to an individual or organization. 
  • Alignment with Values: Understand the essence of joy and how aligning actions with values leads to contentment and success.
  • Neuroplasticity: Unravel the power of the brain’s ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience.
  • Passion vs. Purpose: Harness passion for service and growth.
  • Survivor vs. Creator Mindset: Foster a mindset of creation over survival.

Becoming an Empowered Leader

Leading Beyond Direction

True leadership is more than merely directing a team. It’s anchored in self-awareness, acknowledging one’s imperfections, and leveraging them for growth. By understanding your team’s dynamics, you guide them toward advancement with heat-centered leadership, confidence, and purpose. 


What is your vision and how can you carry it out with clarity and confidence?


Harnessing the Brain’s Potential

The Power of Neuroplasticity

One of the marvels of the human brain is its ability to change and adapt. Neuroplasticity is not just a buzzword - it’s a testament to our incredible capacity to form new synaptic connections, adapt, and grow.


How can you move away from a fixed mindset and create new synaptic connections in order to embrace a growth mindset?

Join Dr. Nore Salman as she guides you through this transformative experience, equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and insights to elevate your leadership, foster growth, and reshape your understanding of success.

Meet Dr. Nore Salman

With more than 20 years of dedicated coaching, Dr. Nore Salman has consistently empowered clients to transform both their interpersonal and professional lives. Her coaching methodology is a unique and customized blend of scientific, practical, and spiritual insights, making her stand out as an effective leader in the coaching landscape.


Dr. Nore Salman pursued her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and further earned her Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Salman’s enthusiasm for career and executive coaching led her to specialized mastery for coaches, augmented by her certification from LCTI (Life Coaching Training Institute). As a member of the College of Executive Coaching, she’s not just a coach, but also a beacon for high-performing individuals and entrepreneurs, guiding them to transform visions into tangible milestones.


Driving Transformative Change

Rooted in Stanford University’s intrinsic coaching approach, Dr. Salman emphasizes strength-based transformation. Research advocates that strength-focused coaching leads to long-lasting internal growth as opposed to mere deficit correction. This approach not only addresses the shortcomings but empowers individuals to harness their unique strengths, fostering profound accountability toward their goals. Clients routinely report a significant shift in focus, clarity, and long-term success and fulfillment. 


Engage with the transformative power of heart-centered leadership. Elevate your team, embrace coaching, and lead with compassion, vision, and purpose.