1:1 Coaching Sessions: What to Expect

Pinpointing and identifying your unique values is crucial in driving genuine happiness and fulfillment. Throughout your coaching, you will not only discover these values but also learn how to seamlessly align them with your true purpose.

What sets this coaching apart is Dr. Salman’s commitment to ensuring you stay accountable to living through these values consistently, and remaining true to yourself while pursuing your goals. 

3 or 6-month coaching packages are available with Pay In Full or payment plan options.

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Package Includes

90 Minute 1:1 Sessions with Dr. Nore Salmon every other week

Sessions are tailored specifically to your unique needs and challenges and are designed to offer deep insights, facilitate self-awareness, and propel actionable change.

Structured Homework

Dive into self-exploration with specially curated workbooks and assignments, filled with structured exercises that will guide you in introspecting, setting clear intentions, and formulating actionable strategies.

Meditation Recommendations

Recognizing the significance of mental well-being and balance, this program incorporates curated meditation recommendations that will assist you in grounding your thoughts, managing stress, and aligning with your heart’s true desire.

6 Month 1:1 Coaching

Pay In Full $7,000 - Click Here To Purchase

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3 Month 1:1 Coaching

Pay In Full $3,500 - Click Here To Purchase

*for a payment plan, click here.

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Other Coaching Offers

6 Weeks of 1:1 Coaching (3 Sessions) - $1,800 PIF only